Aleksandra Smilek at CX Lab

This time we had Aleksandra Smilek as a guest speaker at our monthly meetup. She is Artist Director & creative technologist at AUDITORE agency. Her profession embraces culture and innovation that is expressed through new technology.

Aleksandra’s bio

It was very chaotic. It was energy and synergy. By following my passions and tuning into the concept and problematic things, I’m always finding myself somewhere meaningful for myself. It might sound esoteric, but to me, it’s all about energy and what you like.

To be more precise, I started studying art and chosen to be a part of the Royal Academy of Art, and I declined it. I passed all the tests, but I decided that I don’t want to create things if I don’t how they make sense.

It’s not about tune into a concept like I wanted to know why I need to create things rather than just simply write a few sentences about the concept. So I decided to go to study philosophy to solve the question- What’s the point of creating objects?

It took me 4 years to discover that. During that time I was also creating things, doing exhibitions with my friends and collectives and everything, but at a certain point, I understood that creation escapes from its own creator, and starts to speak itself. This is the magic. You are learning from the object and strategy that you are making. I was very happy about finding the solution to what I’ve been thinking which is the meaning of creating art and objects.

After my study, I worked at an art gallery as an assistant, and a couple of art newspapers online. Then I started my career as Gallery Director in London specialized in street art, and I was always working with new technology. But at that time, there are very few people who could see technology as a means of art.

After working in London, I came back to Paris and started my own gallery. There I met many different types of people. Creators but also opinion leaders gave me my first priceless project with a bank that we did data art, and big brands and companies started to become eager to work with me.

Projects for Qatar Museums

One of her most prominent works is a project with Qatar Museum. Qatar project is to renew its economy and prepare for the transition from the oil and gas industry to the leisure industry. She has worked on the creation of the cultural program, soft power strategy, company development, and creative direction. In 2020, She created a public art installation at NUIT BLANCHE PARIS where she expressed the traditional Arabic carpet with visionary interactive experiences.

In the presentation, she showed us her works and explained where she puts the most important. It’s the culture. She strives to help brand to become more than just a brand selling products, but an active cultural player. For example Nike and adidas are the brands which sell products, but they are not just brands. To be a lovable brand, you need to actively engage in culture and really understand it.

It was a very inspiring presentation, and we were very glad to have you on our meetup!

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